Artist Statement

For the past five years I have studied the fine and performing arts at the University of Toledo, located in Toledo, Ohio. Specifically, I concentrate my studies to my passion, film and video production. A mentor of mine once said that, “We are artists first, and filmmaker’s second”. I think this is the best way to describe the work I wish to accomplish and the methods I apply in my directing career. I don’t limit my creative mind to a singular craft, rather I attempt to expand my understanding of film making by educating myself on all artistic aesthetics and techniques that go into a production. When I first realized my love for the arts on stage as an actor, I quickly desired to be more involved in the entire production process. Shortly after beginning college I naturally found my place directing, and have perfected my style through various no-budget student shorts as well as my own no-budget feature film. Because of my acting experience I can quickly and accurately cater to actors by adjusting to their own personal needs. Meaning I will forcefully push and inspire with an active awareness to individual limits. I communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly, while also being respectful and flexible to more efficient and creative suggestions that improve on my own. I have spent my college years perfecting my relationships with actors and crew leading them to create thoughtful, coherent, and interesting films. Simultaneously I am aware of simple and complex elements of design and keep them tightly in perspective of motivating the project forward. I am rather fluent in camera, music, set, costume, dance, and lighting terminology. Though I have never had much of a budget my work is often estimated at a higher value than the energy put into it. It is my innovation that is most apparent in my work. Directing is thought to be the most stressful discipline because of the amount of pressure and decision making. Time and money determine quality, so where I may not always have the best solution possible, I will always have a strong workable one without hesitation. The crew I currently depend on is made up of undergraduate art students who are working towards various degrees while also working part time. I feed them in exchange for the few hours a week they are able to volunteer. It is not only for myself that I wish to excel, but also for the people who believe in me and share the same excitement for artistic expression as I do. I feel we are more than worthy of our group motto. We are Running Blind Studio, no-budget film making at its finest!