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Performance Reel

Artist Statement

For the past five years I have studied the fine and performing arts at the University of Toledo, located in Toledo, Ohio. Specifically, I concentrate my studies to my passion, film and video production. A mentor of mine once said that, “We are artists first, and filmmaker’s second”. I think this is the best way to describe the work I wish to accomplish and the methods I apply in my directing career. I don’t limit my creative mind to a singular craft, rather I attempt to expand my understanding of film making by educating myself on all artistic aesthetics and techniques that go into a production. When I first realized my love for the arts on stage as an actor, I quickly desired to be more involved in the entire production process. Shortly after beginning college I naturally found my place directing, and have perfected my style through various no-budget student shorts as well as my own no-budget feature film. Because of my acting experience I can quickly and accurately cater to actors by adjusting to their own personal needs. Meaning I will forcefully push and inspire with an active awareness to individual limits. I communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly, while also being respectful and flexible to more efficient and creative suggestions that improve on my own. I have spent my college years perfecting my relationships with actors and crew leading them to create thoughtful, coherent, and interesting films. Simultaneously I am aware of simple and complex elements of design and keep them tightly in perspective of motivating the project forward. I am rather fluent in camera, music, set, costume, dance, and lighting terminology. Though I have never had much of a budget my work is often estimated at a higher value than the energy put into it. It is my innovation that is most apparent in my work. Directing is thought to be the most stressful discipline because of the amount of pressure and decision making. Time and money determine quality, so where I may not always have the best solution possible, I will always have a strong workable one without hesitation. The crew I currently depend on is made up of undergraduate art students who are working towards various degrees while also working part time. I feed them in exchange for the few hours a week they are able to volunteer. It is not only for myself that I wish to excel, but also for the people who believe in me and share the same excitement for artistic expression as I do. I feel we are more than worthy of our group motto. We are Running Blind Studio, no-budget film making at its finest!

House of Cards Complex

A house of cards is a beautiful thing, but it is a lie.

The design and materials used are far too delicate to ever
carry out the duties of an actual house.

We make card houses because they are beautiful.

But just because something is beautiful doesn't make it real.

Beauty may be the most deceiving device in the world.

Each card a decision.

And every decision must be handled with extreme care.

It only takes one bad decision to condemn a house.

If every decision you make is a lie then the house will be unbalanced.

With each lie the house becomes more unstable and subject to destruction.

Eventually the entire structure will give, and you will be left without a home.

I will find solace in the fact that I will be in the front row to watch
your house of cards crumble.

I will laugh as each individual lie hits the ground, leaving you bare and alone.

And finally, I will feel weak because I blindly let you build your house around me.

It was so beautiful that I ignored the fact that it wasn't real.

Yet the sadest part still remains.

I have freed myself from this complex and its illusion.

But you will go on building card houses.

So many people choose to live this way, which is somewhat acceptable.

Because it comes at a price.

You can build a million houses and not a soul will stay in one with
you once they discover that they are made of cards.

Even those who succumb to building their own card houses hate to be lied to.

So you will forever be alone building over your fallen houses.

It is truly sad that you decided to build our house out of cards.

I wanted to build us a house made of marble.

It is you I feel sorry for.

For you will continue your building, though it will never bring you peace.

Mine will be found in that I am someone who refused to live in a house of cards.

Even though a house of cards is so beautiful.


What Makes a Hero?

There exist three kinds of people in this world.

There are Heroes.

There are Villians.

And there are those who choose to be Neutral.

There are those who do good.

There are those who do evil.

And there are those who do nothing.

The majority of the population is neutral.

But this is sometimes worse than doing evil.

Because the worse thing we can do is not act.

So what makes a hero?

A hero disregards their own comfort/saftey to ensure it for others.

A hero is strong even in their weakest moment.

A hero refuses to show fear.

A hero doesn't need to have a special ability or power; They need only will of heart.

A hero is able to make the best decision possible within a given moment.

Why are there so few heroes?

A hero typically does not get credited for their merits.

A hero cannot save the world and themselves.

A hero is obligated to save everyone; Whether they are deserving or not.

A hero is willing to lay down their life for the better good every single day.

A hero needs to be stronger than any man should be.

How do you know if your a hero?

Every hero has at least one thing in common.

And that is their reasoning.

Every hero is compelled to protect the rights and life of his fellow man.

Even if that man has done harm to the hero.

Every hero knows that it should never be easy to kill.

We are all born of men; Therefore that choice should only be made
when no other remains.

Finally, heros don't hide from failure; They are burdened by it everyday.

For the only way we can ever learn from our mistakes.

Is by first acknowledging that they exist.

Crimson_Humanity's Last Resource

"I dream't a dream tonight."

"And so did I."

"And what was yours?"

"That dreamers often lie!"

So I would be lying if I said I had a dream.

When indeed this was more of a premonition.

I saw the world and everything in it.

It was so dry and lifeless; even people's hearts.

I walked across the land in search of water.

But the supply had been depleted for some time.

Now the people survive on blood.

Its the only resource that will remain.

I watched as man turned on itself.

Instead of working together.

They broke apart.

And instead of life, they choose death.

I swear I tried everything to rebuild it.

But these events have been in movement long before my participation.

Those of old should have taken better care of this planet and our culture in
order to provide a positive example for its youth.

Those of young should have respected the example set forth by their
elderly and thus carried on the tradition.

Neither of these things happened.

So we are all responsible.

This isn't a million years in the future.

This isn't even a year in the future.

This was yesterday morning.

And it is today.

The apocalypse is here.

And It didn't spark from a bomb.

It exploded silently one night.

And when you woke up with it next to you, nothing was done.

We all just excepted it.

But now it has expanded and no one knows how to stop it.

Perhaps its because no one will admit to the source.

I don't know why the world is the way it is today.

But I do know how it is today.

We fight for the land of the more land.

But when that and everything else turns to ash.

Then the great blood battle will begin on our abandoned streets.

Only to see who gets to live one day longer.

You are everything that is wrong with the world.

You're everything that's wrong with the world.

You are everything wrong in the world.

And when you check your hands for blood.

Know that its there because you choose for it to be.

Humanity is the most ugly and most beautiful thing in all creation.

Because we get to choose our fate.

And unfortunatly your choices will leave the world fighting in blood soaked streets.

For Those Who Just Don't Know

My name is Drew.
I am 21 solar cycles old.
And I was born of man at my mothers side.
Under the constellation sagittaurius.
In a fallen steel mill ghetto.
Also known as Youngstown, Ohio.

My time on this world has been short.
But I feel I've learned a lot.
What follows is more commonly known as a rant.
This rant was inspired by two conversations I had this weekend.
These two people truly carry the title of Hero.


We are the strongest country economically.
The land of the the more land.

Yet we are the weakest country morally.
The land of crimson.

In the struggle for industrial and finacial superiority
We have lost our sense of humanity.

The world no longer trusts itself.
There are very few free zones left.


The government impliments devices of fear.
In order to control its people.

They can take away your freedom.
And deny you the very rights that this country was built on.

They can censor us as much as they want.
And they do.

But one place that they can never limit.
One place that no one should ever limit.

Is your imagination.
The limitless power of ideas.

You should still remain realitic.
But in the sense that you cannot drive with you eyes closed.

You should never allow anyone to tell you your ideas are stupid.
There is no secondary point here.
You should never allow anyone to tell you your ideas are stupid.


It is more than possible for one person to change the world.
Infact that's the only way the world has ever changed.

Progression of our species is built on sacrifice.
But you need not be sacrificed to progress the species.



The man who sacrifices his time.
To help an elderly stranger.


The woman who sacrifices her heart.
To help the fallen child.


The hero who will sacrifice everything.
To help save and progress the species.


I am of the opinion that those who love.
Deserve to be loved...

This seems to be a good place to end.
Since all good things end in love.






A Wedding, a Graduation, and a Funeral

This past weekend has been rather eventful.

I danced at a wedding.
Gave a speech at a graduation.
And lost my regret at a funeral.

First the wedding, which was beautiful.

Not all marriages are built on dreams.
But some have their receptions in castles anyway.

The court house isn't the most romantic place to be wed.
Though it was filled with as much love as any church.

The food was extremely well prepared.
And the open bar was a nice touch.

I wasn't the best man, but I had the most beautiful woman in the room to escort me.
And that turned out to be much more important.

My brother is all grown up now.
He comes complete with a wife, and soon to be a child.

I understand it to be impossible that Topper and Juggs will make bad parents.
Because uncle Drew and Albert will always be there when things get hard.

I like to where a suit, it reminds me of the old days.
Especially when we shop at the last second, and still all end up matching.

The drive into PA was interesting.
The drive back from PA was long over due.

When it was over I went home, to Ben's house.
It's the only place that's ever felt like home, and I no longer question whether I'm wanted.

Tara's presence is a nice addition to the house.
She truly cares about you Ben, and talks about you constantly.

Next the graduation, which was civil.

I was personally preparing for war.
However my family surprised me.

And if my relatives were able to control themselves and act appropriately.
The damn it so could I.

It was good to see my family all in one place at the same time.
Because it won't happen again until Danielle graduates.

If I knew I was going to make a speech about my baby sister.
I would have spent alittle more time writing, and alittle less time in the bar.

Though I am told it was beautiful.
All that matters is it made Ashlee happy.

Congratulations Ashlee.
You truly have the power to do whatever it is you decide.

And if this graduation proved anything.
It's that your family will always be there to support that decision.

I haven't always set the best example for you.
But you turned out pretty damn good on your own.

I'm happy you found such a great guy.
And will one day be proud to call Tim my brother-in-law.

Finally a funeral, which just was.

This funeral was for me.
Because I think I'm almost ready for a part of me to die.

I think I'm finished with regret.
Which is has pretty much always been the main difference between us.

I can finally see the flow of energy in life's design.
I now carry the answer for myself as to why we are all here.

Too many people are counting on me not to fail.
And I'll be damned if I let one more person down.

I always thought my regret would be the end of me.
Some days it still is.

I think there exists a formula in my misfortune that has been building for the past five years.
And now it is finally all coming together to become something pure.

My instincts are the one thing that have never failed me.
So then why are you in so much pain when I believe in you so much.

At my real funeral I desire everyone to where red.
Red stands for determination, appropriate indeed for my wedding venture.

Through my wedding and graduation experience.
My funeral was possible.


Blind Origin

On December 4, 1985,

I was born into this world and named,

Drew Joseph Beaumier.

Seventeen years later in March of 2002,

at my weakest moment,

I was reborn as Blindman.

Now there exist several reasons for this occurance that I give, such as:

I wear shades all the time because,

I hate it when people can see my eyes,

and the sun burns me.

My favorite hero is Daredevil.

He is blind,

and without fear.

I have incredibly poor vision,

without my glasses or contacts in,

I might as well be blind.

But the true reason for the creation of my alias brings me back to March of 2002.

Like most great heros,

my name was a curse,

given to me by my enemy.

As I laid covered in my own blood.

One phrase kept entering my head,

the vile words of someone I once trusted.

"You are blind"

So I carried my alias around for years,

using it as a reminder of the mistakes I had made,

so that they would never happen again.

I no longer need carry this burden with me.

Yes, I will forever remain the Blindman.

But instead of my name being a curse,

I shall look at it as my creed.

I will blindy do the right thing in every situation regardless of the obstacles or consequences that are attached, because that's who I am. I will continue in this fashion until one day it will undoubtedly take my life, but as long as I never stop saving and continue on my blind path, I know that I can find rest with my death. Because sometimes the right thing comes at a price, and I pay for the cause. And finally, I will pray for death long before it is delivered, for I walk the path of the blind.

A Small Kiss and the Word Ditto

I don't understand people.

I know a few that hate me,

And even less that love me,

But I've never met anyone who I felt loved to hate me.

I may never understand the world,

Which I have made peace with,

However my misunderstanding with you has given me no rest.

Like most days this weekend chalked another victory for evil.

For love never ends like it does in the movies,

It seems that in reality the bad guy always wins.

But perhaps I'm the bad guy this time,

Simply because you are in a relationship.

But I think I'm finally ok with that,

Not your relationship, but that I may be the bad guy.

A friend once told me that I have no feelings,

That my mentallity matched that of a demon.

And for some reason that is awkwardly comforting.

Because as a demon I don't need anyone,

I am free to hate, to pursue my cause fighting fire with fire.

But this isn't what I want,

What I want is to be completly honest with you, as I always have.

I don't care who reads this, because my words are true,

And my intentions noble.

So the truth is...

I don't know who you are,

And it really makes me sad.

I care alot about you, whether you believe it or not,

But the demon inside of me wishes I didn't.

I see two people in front of me.

The strong, intelligent person you are.

And the weak, confused one you try so hard to be.

I don't know this game, but what I do know is that,

If you don't want to see me, then don't text me to hang out.

If you think my ideas are stupid, then don't ask to hear them,

Because even though they may be stupid,

I believe that someday someone will place value in them.

Though it may it sound like it, these words are not meant to judge.

I'm far from perfect.

I know that I messed this up along time ago,

And I regret that now.

As you might regret pushing me away later.

We are both Sagittaurius, and therefore born of fire.

You are burning rather brightly these days,

But together I think we could go supernova.

You have changed alot, but there is still something missing.

You still allow yourself to be controlled,

Which is another flaw we have in common.

I never wanted control of you, I still don't.

Which I think is another reason why I pushed you away.

I can barely carry the responsibility of the decision's I make for myself.

I want to enrich you,

To be the man you know can never fail you when things get hard,

As well as,

The friend who listens and laughs with you even when were talking about nothing.

Maybe I have completely misjudged and this lifestyle is truly what make you happy.

Though I think if you were to find yourself again that you would be alot happier.

Please don't take offense,

This is just a point of view,

Words are my only way to fight,

Since my actions are built on dreams.

The most pathetic part of it all.

Is that I know you don't care.

Well, not enough to talk to me about it.

But I will dwell on this for a little longer.

Because I still have something left to say.

You don't think I remember,

But I do.


Its been a long time,

Maybe you don't even remember.

But many moons ago,

In a dark, disgusting basement,

In a small decrypted bed,

I once heard you say, I love you.

My fear kept me from speaking then,

As I cowardly hid in the darkness.

I've thought it over many times wondering what the right thing to say was,

But in the end I realize that it didn't matter.

Because anything would have been better than my silence.

Even if it was as pathetic a response as,

A small kiss and the word ditto...

I have always wanted to say these words to you,

And though this acts as a cheap substitute,

I just wanted to have them reach you at least once.

The Dragon Within

I can't fly.
And perhaps I never will.

Though I was born of fire.
I am unable to wield it's strength.

Instead I feel the hunger.
This intense need of my weak flesh craving it's daily peace.

So as other dragons do.
I feed on the ash.

And in the illusion it creates.
There is finally rest.

I can't fully be to blamed for the way I am.
As dragons carelessly raise their own.

But am I such an awful creature?
That all around me must burn and the people be made of dust.

There are many kinds of fire.
And my fear is that one day you'll all see mine.

The thing about fire is that it moves and grows so sudden.
That by the time you reach water its already consumed you.

Move like fire.
And you can consume the world if your not careful.

Its the ash that calms me.
Keeping the fire at bay.

Judge my species for what we are.
Because we won't care anyway.

One day I will spread my wings and fly from this place.
I don't know if that's true, but flying would be the mother fucking shit.

Story Teller

I tell stories well.
This is no coincidence.

Perhaps my greatest strength.
Is my ability to relate my ideas to my audience in a clear manner.

I think the one thing every writer is looking for.
Is the perfect story.

I'm not sure if I've found mine yet.
But I think I'm getting close.

My story starts at once apon a time.
In a once great land.

Our Hero is as unlikely as he is fearless.
Proving anyone can save the world.

There is conflict and struggle.
And a few people die.

Through friendship and trust.
Hero is able to overcome these obstacles.

And of course there's love.
Of course there's a girl, it's the perfect story.

The knight draws his energy from her.
A man with everything to lose will fight ten times harder than one with nothing.

Together they are invincible.
And peace returns to the land.

The thing about evolution is that sometimes things get alot worse.
Before they get better.

And the real test is always how you handle these obstacles.
When they come and bitch slap you in the face.

The audience seeks this strong character.
While simuletaneously finding it in themselves.

In my perfect story the hero gets the girl.

Defeats the enemy,

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Accept the enemy.
You mother fuckers burn.

Server/ Servant

Inspired by Wendy, Dedicated to the Olive Garden employee's!

And anyone who has ever had to wait tables.

Night by night, and day by day,

The show endlessly goes on, and your performance is key.

Every new guest becomes a master,

And sometimes this means catering to a ruthless will.

And when its all over, we collect.

My soul comes at the price of a couple dollars left on a dirty table.

Some days I disgust myself,

My dignity pays the rent

I am not stripper,

But rather a family friendly alternative to exotic dancing.

I am your server/servant.

What the fuck do you want to eat?

I think whats most distracting is how people examine me.

They label me the poor waiter who is going nowhere.

Well your half right., because I am a poor waiter.

But soon I will have the skill to go anywhere.

But for now I have allied myself with most of my co-workers.

Some of you truly inspire me.

And not all guests have judging eyes.

You both act as a reminder that there is still something good left to fight for.

Fucking annoying ass reminder...

Tip your waiter accordingly, we are the people that handle your food.

One Thing

What defines me is not the person I am underneath,
But rather the actions that I make.

Comforting words from an unofficial mother.
"Just have faith, and God will take care of it."

If I've learned anything from my real mother,
Its that God doesn't give a shit.

Recently my brother asked if I could change one thing about my life,
What it would be?

At first I was unsure.
Money, women, power, these are not things I covet.

I replied foolishly at first.
I mean who dosen't want to fly?

Then familiar words entered my thoughts.
And I wished for faith.

Something that I personally can never have.
Something that seems to give those who have it such rest.

I mean how could I rely on a god,
Who created man?

I am perhaps one of your greatest servants,
Yet I am constantly tested and punished.

I don't worship other gods,
Not even you.

Everyone takes everyone's name in vain,
So get off your high horse and suck it up.

There is no such thing as a holy day in America.
Everyday is chaotic, so how am I suppose to tell the difference from one to the other?

Honor thy parents,
What if you have no parents?

Never has my hand ended a life.
Thought I think its agreed that some mother fuckers need to die anyway.

I fully agree about adultery.
Unfortunately our culture indulges it, so many selfish and disgusting creations.

You should never steal from someone you know or care about.
Sometimes its fun, and other times its neccessary.

As for coveting things,
Thats just not my style.

For what seemed to be a lifetime I was forced to worship and believe in something,
Without ever being asked how I felt about it?

Of course if it wasn't for this insanity.
I would have never met any of you.

It never occurred to me just how many people it took to raise me.

I suppose it's like family to not have to say these things,
But I wanted to write it down at least once.

I am a generation of white trash that calls thier grandmother, mom.

When I was afraid to go home,
It was the Hull's that gave me refuge.

I spent most of my adolescence eating out of your fridge, sleeping in your chair,
And calling your residence home.

Thanks for always caring for me,
Soon enough Topper will return and we'll have one more thing to be thankful for.

For along time I was very distant with my brothers and sisters.
Luckily Albert has six.

Johnson's, I have partied with you, vacationed with you, and I've worked for you.
I have more memories with your family than anyone else's.

Of course I can't forget Ben's house.
To this day I still crash at your place whenever I venture to the Yo.

Momma Ranalli always has the right thing to say,
Tara's a fine addition to the house, and Ben we're brothers for life.

This lifestyle hardens you though,
For a bastard child of multiple households, faith comes hard.

I have always found God in people.
Perhaps its because they are the ones answering my prayers.

I have paid a great price,
But have gotten something in return.

Born of hell,
I carry a darkness inside.

I allow the pain to get to me,
Some days its almost unbearable.

However we can sense our own,
And I've fought demons before.

A guardian devil with no one to protect,
How depressing.

I am the combination of so many different backgrounds, cultures, religions.
That I can understand anyone.

I think that a family isn't always necessarily the people you are related too.
But rather the people who you relate too.

Your life is defined by those who you share it with.
Yeah, I like that idea.

When I die the crowd may see me as the guy who went nowhere with his life.
My family will remind them that I was better known as the guy that who never gave up.


the Apology I Never Recieve

My sin has grown so heavy,
That I can no longer bare the burden.

The way that I have offended you shames me so much,
That I have nothing left to do but come clean.

I tried to fool you,
But you knew me better than I know myself, making lying difficult.

Justifying my trickery at this point seems almost useless,
A small part of me really didn't want to hurt you anymore than I already had.

I'd be lying again though if I didn't admit,
It was my selfishness, a fear of losing your friendship that truly silenced me.

Without a doubt the hardest realization has been,
Out of everyone I know, you were the last to deserve this.

You truly cared about me, my life, my future,
Unlike the many who seem to only exist for themselves.

If I could only see as much potential, and have as much faith in me as you did,
Then maybe I could elevate myself from this dust.

I thought perhaps if I apologized for my actions,
They might stop coming back to haunt me.

When I reflect back on them the pain is overwhelming,
Especially because I know how much more devastating the memory is on you.

You were always available when I needed someone to talk to,
And your strength was there when talking wasn't enough.

There was a certain comfort in our friendship,
Knowing your hand would always serve to protect me.

Even after getting what I wanted,
Greed pulled me further.

So I abandoned you,
And sought a more exciting life.

Only after the lights went dim did I realize,
How lucky I was to have a blindman.

Please forgive me for,

Blood Loss,
Broken Promises,
Broken Trust,
Broken Keyboard,
Time Wasted,
Tainted Memories,
Violent Re-Occuring Dreams,
Your Childhood,
Your Adolescence,
The Civic's Windshield,
The Money I Owe,
Building You Up,
Breaking You Down,
Blood Again,
Defialing Your Home,
The Selfishness,
The Jealousy,
Your Senior Banquet.
Damaging Other Friendships,
Offending Your Family,
Abandoned Dreams,
And Manipulation.

I think people have a hard time admitting thier faults.
The number one killer of relationships is pride.

This philosophy confuses me,
If I offend someone I am usually the first to make amends.

However its important to know when someone has gone too far,
It's unfortunate that I've reached this point with so many.

I'm not looking for apologies,
This blog isn't directed towards a specific person, but events have shaped its content.

So if you feel guilty in any sort of way,
Yeah right, like the people who have offended me feel anything.

I'm not looking for apologies,
I just wanted to hear what it would be like for someone to actually say "I'm sorry".

Clarity_My Last Recognition of You


We are NOT friends,
and thinking upon it we never really were.

Our relationships were built on lies,
that crumbled underneath the weight of your overwhelming selfishness.

Because of YOUR actions I am bitter,
I will NEVER forgive.

I will hold onto my intense hatred for you until the end of this life,
and most likely in the next.

I hope you never have a single moments peace,
that nothing good ever comes to you.

You deserve a life time of heart ache,
if Karma or God exists you'll get just that.

Though you were always pretty good at fucking everything up on your own,
your sorrow should also come from someone you love and trust.

I feel sorry for how truly weak and pathetic you are,
but I had no part in making you that way, and I don't want to save you.

I never want to think about you again past this moment,
it annoys me that I still see your demonic faces on my subscription list.

I can see past your flesh and bone revealing the being inside,
Your soul is black, and your pics remind me of cancer.

Unfortunatly I cannot remove you from my list,
REMOVE YOURSELF so I can move closer to forgetting completely about you.

I don't have a single memory of your kindness to hold onto,
and though I wasn't perfect either, I was ALWAYS honest.

Please take this time to recognize your extreme faults in our partnerships,

I don't want to talk... ever,
I just want every part of you erased from my life.


To Post Secret

Dear PostSecret,

Somedays I feel overwhelmingly responsible for my sisters death,
She died a year before I was born.

Most can only imagine our energy flowing from positive to negative.
A movement from life to death.

Sometimes this exchange occurs in reverse,
A life created from death.

The result of such a transition is usually tragic,
A damned soul burdoned by double circumstance.

Linked by shield, genetics, and our constellation Sagittarius,
A difference of gender may be the only thing that individualized us.

I remember the day when mother explained you to me, she said,
"After Jessica I got pregnant right away because my depression was suicidal."

Without your sacrifice there would have been no need for my creation,
I'm still not sure if it was worth the trade.

Days I am accomplished are filled with twice the celebration,
I have successfully embraced your gift.

Days I fail are filled with twice the sorrow,
I crumble under the weight of letting us down.

My skin is scarred with stories of lives left unfulfilled,
Yours is at the top.

I wish to live just long enough to make you proud,
And when this body is buried and dissolves so will our regret.

I don't fear death because we've already set a date,
I know this curse will end me, Decemeber 8, 20??.

I swear to have lived enough for both of us by this meeting,
Because I'm just like my sister, I will sacrifice everything for my sibling.

Jessica L Beaumier (December 8, 1984 - December 12, 1984)
Drew J Beaumier (December 4, 1985 - Decemeber 8, 20??)


Writer's Creed

I have been receiving several very nice comments about my writing this past week so I'm going to try and stay on top of it. Here's something to help you figure it out.

This is for those who want a hint at my formula for good writing.

1. Write what you know about.
Particularly something you've experienced, studied, or thought a lot about.

2. Experience more things to acquire knowledge.
Never let a judging eye stop you from experiencing something new.

3. Express the gathered stimuli in an original creative fashion.
If its never been done or said before than be the first.

Of course keep in mind two simple objectives while writing in the context of this order.

1. Create products that are successful in that their well thought-out, hopefully original
Put real thought and heart into your projects and don't skip on the details.
Even if the project fails learn why it didn't work.
If it was easy being an artist than everyone would do it.

2. The material needs to relate the idea in a clear manner.
If your ideas don't translate to the audience than you have failed.
Try to imagine how someone would react to seeing the product for the first time.
Test your ideas by discussion and reviews.

I call this the Writers Creed, try experimenting with it.

That's pretty much it. My mind wonders a lot so I think that might help too. If your mind doesn't wonder enough yet than I know of a drug that can help.


Unstoppable Dream

I saw a great dam,
As it crumbled in front of me.

For a moment I was able to hold back the great force behind it,
But my efforts fell short.

To my surprise my body was spared,
I was barely able to protect myself.

Moving with the rapidly flowing water,
I watched helplessly as it destroyed.

There was only one visible breaking point,
The water ran over and around the ring like a massive fall.

I rolled over the edge and back towards earth,
When I saw you standing in the center of the chaos.

We made contact for only a moment,
When I found myself back in front of a great dam.

It happened again.





True Love

What would you do for the one you love?

Gestures of impossible feats and self sacrifice are held as the ultimate test.

But what if your love was challenged?

What if the only way to save, protect, honor the one you truly love was to do something completely against your own morals and beliefs?

Would you have the strength?

To protect the ones I love,...

I would murder the world...

Complete disregard of equivalent exchange.

Life as a Theatre of Lies

One of the most important pieces of advice I think I've ever received from anyone, was from my father the day I left for college. Now the week before I left for college I was given plenty of advice from many different people, but this inparticular stands out. He told me, " I don't care what anyone says they saw you do, you didn't do it. I don't care if they have you on video tape, you tell them that you were somewhere else, and that they can't prove a damn thing". Sure this is not the most sentimental advice ever given, but it holds a certain truth. It also goes along with two things I've always felt so strongly about. The first and most obvious being that my father is a very bad man, and the second being that most people are so weak to question things that if you have a certain attitude and carry yourself with enough confidence, you could convince almost anyone to believe whatever you want them too. My father basically wanted to give me something he thought would keep my ass out of jail, but along with that he also helped me to better understand why I am so attracted to the theatre. You get to live a life free of your own through the lies you build that are not just to made to fool the audience, but if you are good, then you can fool yourself as well. You spend all this time convincing yourself that you are something else just so you can pull off that one big lie, it takes some dedication. And this chemistry is far from restricted to just the theatre. You see it everyday. People mask thier intentions in order to properly obtain what it is they truley desire, and that usually leaves someone else with nothing but a bag full of broken promises. I may be more aware of these false intentions simply because of my craft in the theatre, but I seem to be just as susceptable to them as anyone else. Maybe the problem isn't always a weakness of the mind, but of the heart. Sometimes you want to believe someone so bad that you shut your eyes to thier actions and accept the lies you want so badley to be truth. Not sure where I wanted to end on this one. Suppose I've simply skipped out on an overall point for this blog. I don't know, accept this one however you'd like, comments and ideas are more than welcome.

"Artists use lies to tell the truth"

Fate_Humanity's Crutch

I have come to the conclusion that a very big flaw within our society is that people are unwilling to fully take responsibility for thier own actions. In a land of opportunity and all the mind-altering substances you can buy, denial comes cheap. I can understand these people by now though, it is easy to reject responsibility and accept immaturity as a sufficent substitute. However these days not only are people becoming so selfish that they are not only unable to take responsibility in thier own actions, but thier own inactions! The reason behind this phenomenon?, alittle crutch I like to call fate. There are other sources which can also be attributed to this epidemic such as too much faith in any religion, but for the purposes of this entry I will focus simply on fate, though you may interperet both of these things as the same anyway. Now it is fine to believe in such a thing and for many it is very comforting, but too many people use this advice to become inactive in thier own descion making. The hardest questions are not answered by fate, but are found through human logic and ingenuity. It is nice to think there exists this force which makes all the major descions for us, but why rely on it. Make your own fate. Most things will not take fate, they will require hardwork and commitment, much as in a relationship. Love will not find you because it is your time or because, "it was meant to be", but only through communication and compromization can a relationship ever truely work. So take these words to yourself and ask who makes your fate? Are you going to rely on something that may not even exist?, or are you going to decide today to both choose your descions and accept the responsibility that comes attached to them?

"No fate, but the one we make", I choose my own fate.

The Answer to All Things Unknown

What if after you read this blog your intelligence would be drastically increased because I'm about to share with you a new theory of mine which will now be forever referred to as Beaumier's Law of Things Unknown. This theory develped from an idea when I was well "enlightened". I have been taking an Astonomy class and it has had me thinking about space more than usual, then in that same day I had a conversation about death and I started linking the two together. Newton's Law of Energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. As of present day this Law has yet to be proven false. So if it is also proven but not yet explained why the human body looses approximatley a 1lb when you die, is it not possible that this is the loss of a spirit perhaps an unmeasured form of energy. So where does this energy go? "Energy is not created nor destroyed just changed in form". So perhaps the reason the universe is expanding, which it is knowingly doing so, perhaps the energy just changes form from one being to another. It is still known what deep space is made up of or where and if the human spirit goes? This theory would still even follow what man has said for ages, that we all return to the heavens. So this is where Beaumier's theory comes into place. Perhaps the answer to all great questions have not been answered yet because thier answer is another big unanswered question? Since this theory cannot technically be tested and therefore cannot be proven false it shall remain as a theory forever without question or result.

So if,



and since they are both still big mysteries this statement cannot be proven false and thus holds true. But what about c?


C=B and C=A

and since all these statements have no known measurable answers this theory holds true.
So now you know the answer to every single question that is unanswerable. And as we all have feared.... its Global Warming...

Doctors and All Their Ingenius

Doctors even with all their medical advancements have still yet to find an applicable cure for some common human conditions and sufferings. They are able to remove a tumor from your brain the size of a plum, but are unable to correctly medically treat an illness of the allegorical heart. In a perfect world relief from these common stresses would be available in a pill form, contained by a small bottle simply reading,