Life as a Theatre of Lies

One of the most important pieces of advice I think I've ever received from anyone, was from my father the day I left for college. Now the week before I left for college I was given plenty of advice from many different people, but this inparticular stands out. He told me, " I don't care what anyone says they saw you do, you didn't do it. I don't care if they have you on video tape, you tell them that you were somewhere else, and that they can't prove a damn thing". Sure this is not the most sentimental advice ever given, but it holds a certain truth. It also goes along with two things I've always felt so strongly about. The first and most obvious being that my father is a very bad man, and the second being that most people are so weak to question things that if you have a certain attitude and carry yourself with enough confidence, you could convince almost anyone to believe whatever you want them too. My father basically wanted to give me something he thought would keep my ass out of jail, but along with that he also helped me to better understand why I am so attracted to the theatre. You get to live a life free of your own through the lies you build that are not just to made to fool the audience, but if you are good, then you can fool yourself as well. You spend all this time convincing yourself that you are something else just so you can pull off that one big lie, it takes some dedication. And this chemistry is far from restricted to just the theatre. You see it everyday. People mask thier intentions in order to properly obtain what it is they truley desire, and that usually leaves someone else with nothing but a bag full of broken promises. I may be more aware of these false intentions simply because of my craft in the theatre, but I seem to be just as susceptable to them as anyone else. Maybe the problem isn't always a weakness of the mind, but of the heart. Sometimes you want to believe someone so bad that you shut your eyes to thier actions and accept the lies you want so badley to be truth. Not sure where I wanted to end on this one. Suppose I've simply skipped out on an overall point for this blog. I don't know, accept this one however you'd like, comments and ideas are more than welcome.

"Artists use lies to tell the truth"