Fate_Humanity's Crutch

I have come to the conclusion that a very big flaw within our society is that people are unwilling to fully take responsibility for thier own actions. In a land of opportunity and all the mind-altering substances you can buy, denial comes cheap. I can understand these people by now though, it is easy to reject responsibility and accept immaturity as a sufficent substitute. However these days not only are people becoming so selfish that they are not only unable to take responsibility in thier own actions, but thier own inactions! The reason behind this phenomenon?, alittle crutch I like to call fate. There are other sources which can also be attributed to this epidemic such as too much faith in any religion, but for the purposes of this entry I will focus simply on fate, though you may interperet both of these things as the same anyway. Now it is fine to believe in such a thing and for many it is very comforting, but too many people use this advice to become inactive in thier own descion making. The hardest questions are not answered by fate, but are found through human logic and ingenuity. It is nice to think there exists this force which makes all the major descions for us, but why rely on it. Make your own fate. Most things will not take fate, they will require hardwork and commitment, much as in a relationship. Love will not find you because it is your time or because, "it was meant to be", but only through communication and compromization can a relationship ever truely work. So take these words to yourself and ask who makes your fate? Are you going to rely on something that may not even exist?, or are you going to decide today to both choose your descions and accept the responsibility that comes attached to them?

"No fate, but the one we make", I choose my own fate.