The Answer to All Things Unknown

What if after you read this blog your intelligence would be drastically increased because I'm about to share with you a new theory of mine which will now be forever referred to as Beaumier's Law of Things Unknown. This theory develped from an idea when I was well "enlightened". I have been taking an Astonomy class and it has had me thinking about space more than usual, then in that same day I had a conversation about death and I started linking the two together. Newton's Law of Energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. As of present day this Law has yet to be proven false. So if it is also proven but not yet explained why the human body looses approximatley a 1lb when you die, is it not possible that this is the loss of a spirit perhaps an unmeasured form of energy. So where does this energy go? "Energy is not created nor destroyed just changed in form". So perhaps the reason the universe is expanding, which it is knowingly doing so, perhaps the energy just changes form from one being to another. It is still known what deep space is made up of or where and if the human spirit goes? This theory would still even follow what man has said for ages, that we all return to the heavens. So this is where Beaumier's theory comes into place. Perhaps the answer to all great questions have not been answered yet because thier answer is another big unanswered question? Since this theory cannot technically be tested and therefore cannot be proven false it shall remain as a theory forever without question or result.

So if,



and since they are both still big mysteries this statement cannot be proven false and thus holds true. But what about c?


C=B and C=A

and since all these statements have no known measurable answers this theory holds true.
So now you know the answer to every single question that is unanswerable. And as we all have feared.... its Global Warming...