What Makes a Hero?

There exist three kinds of people in this world.

There are Heroes.

There are Villians.

And there are those who choose to be Neutral.

There are those who do good.

There are those who do evil.

And there are those who do nothing.

The majority of the population is neutral.

But this is sometimes worse than doing evil.

Because the worse thing we can do is not act.

So what makes a hero?

A hero disregards their own comfort/saftey to ensure it for others.

A hero is strong even in their weakest moment.

A hero refuses to show fear.

A hero doesn't need to have a special ability or power; They need only will of heart.

A hero is able to make the best decision possible within a given moment.

Why are there so few heroes?

A hero typically does not get credited for their merits.

A hero cannot save the world and themselves.

A hero is obligated to save everyone; Whether they are deserving or not.

A hero is willing to lay down their life for the better good every single day.

A hero needs to be stronger than any man should be.

How do you know if your a hero?

Every hero has at least one thing in common.

And that is their reasoning.

Every hero is compelled to protect the rights and life of his fellow man.

Even if that man has done harm to the hero.

Every hero knows that it should never be easy to kill.

We are all born of men; Therefore that choice should only be made
when no other remains.

Finally, heros don't hide from failure; They are burdened by it everyday.

For the only way we can ever learn from our mistakes.

Is by first acknowledging that they exist.