House of Cards Complex

A house of cards is a beautiful thing, but it is a lie.

The design and materials used are far too delicate to ever
carry out the duties of an actual house.

We make card houses because they are beautiful.

But just because something is beautiful doesn't make it real.

Beauty may be the most deceiving device in the world.

Each card a decision.

And every decision must be handled with extreme care.

It only takes one bad decision to condemn a house.

If every decision you make is a lie then the house will be unbalanced.

With each lie the house becomes more unstable and subject to destruction.

Eventually the entire structure will give, and you will be left without a home.

I will find solace in the fact that I will be in the front row to watch
your house of cards crumble.

I will laugh as each individual lie hits the ground, leaving you bare and alone.

And finally, I will feel weak because I blindly let you build your house around me.

It was so beautiful that I ignored the fact that it wasn't real.

Yet the sadest part still remains.

I have freed myself from this complex and its illusion.

But you will go on building card houses.

So many people choose to live this way, which is somewhat acceptable.

Because it comes at a price.

You can build a million houses and not a soul will stay in one with
you once they discover that they are made of cards.

Even those who succumb to building their own card houses hate to be lied to.

So you will forever be alone building over your fallen houses.

It is truly sad that you decided to build our house out of cards.

I wanted to build us a house made of marble.

It is you I feel sorry for.

For you will continue your building, though it will never bring you peace.

Mine will be found in that I am someone who refused to live in a house of cards.

Even though a house of cards is so beautiful.