Crimson_Humanity's Last Resource

"I dream't a dream tonight."

"And so did I."

"And what was yours?"

"That dreamers often lie!"

So I would be lying if I said I had a dream.

When indeed this was more of a premonition.

I saw the world and everything in it.

It was so dry and lifeless; even people's hearts.

I walked across the land in search of water.

But the supply had been depleted for some time.

Now the people survive on blood.

Its the only resource that will remain.

I watched as man turned on itself.

Instead of working together.

They broke apart.

And instead of life, they choose death.

I swear I tried everything to rebuild it.

But these events have been in movement long before my participation.

Those of old should have taken better care of this planet and our culture in
order to provide a positive example for its youth.

Those of young should have respected the example set forth by their
elderly and thus carried on the tradition.

Neither of these things happened.

So we are all responsible.

This isn't a million years in the future.

This isn't even a year in the future.

This was yesterday morning.

And it is today.

The apocalypse is here.

And It didn't spark from a bomb.

It exploded silently one night.

And when you woke up with it next to you, nothing was done.

We all just excepted it.

But now it has expanded and no one knows how to stop it.

Perhaps its because no one will admit to the source.

I don't know why the world is the way it is today.

But I do know how it is today.

We fight for the land of the more land.

But when that and everything else turns to ash.

Then the great blood battle will begin on our abandoned streets.

Only to see who gets to live one day longer.

You are everything that is wrong with the world.

You're everything that's wrong with the world.

You are everything wrong in the world.

And when you check your hands for blood.

Know that its there because you choose for it to be.

Humanity is the most ugly and most beautiful thing in all creation.

Because we get to choose our fate.

And unfortunatly your choices will leave the world fighting in blood soaked streets.