Story Teller

I tell stories well.
This is no coincidence.

Perhaps my greatest strength.
Is my ability to relate my ideas to my audience in a clear manner.

I think the one thing every writer is looking for.
Is the perfect story.

I'm not sure if I've found mine yet.
But I think I'm getting close.

My story starts at once apon a time.
In a once great land.

Our Hero is as unlikely as he is fearless.
Proving anyone can save the world.

There is conflict and struggle.
And a few people die.

Through friendship and trust.
Hero is able to overcome these obstacles.

And of course there's love.
Of course there's a girl, it's the perfect story.

The knight draws his energy from her.
A man with everything to lose will fight ten times harder than one with nothing.

Together they are invincible.
And peace returns to the land.

The thing about evolution is that sometimes things get alot worse.
Before they get better.

And the real test is always how you handle these obstacles.
When they come and bitch slap you in the face.

The audience seeks this strong character.
While simuletaneously finding it in themselves.

In my perfect story the hero gets the girl.

Defeats the enemy,

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Accept the enemy.
You mother fuckers burn.