Server/ Servant

Inspired by Wendy, Dedicated to the Olive Garden employee's!

And anyone who has ever had to wait tables.

Night by night, and day by day,

The show endlessly goes on, and your performance is key.

Every new guest becomes a master,

And sometimes this means catering to a ruthless will.

And when its all over, we collect.

My soul comes at the price of a couple dollars left on a dirty table.

Some days I disgust myself,

My dignity pays the rent

I am not stripper,

But rather a family friendly alternative to exotic dancing.

I am your server/servant.

What the fuck do you want to eat?

I think whats most distracting is how people examine me.

They label me the poor waiter who is going nowhere.

Well your half right., because I am a poor waiter.

But soon I will have the skill to go anywhere.

But for now I have allied myself with most of my co-workers.

Some of you truly inspire me.

And not all guests have judging eyes.

You both act as a reminder that there is still something good left to fight for.

Fucking annoying ass reminder...

Tip your waiter accordingly, we are the people that handle your food.