A Wedding, a Graduation, and a Funeral

This past weekend has been rather eventful.

I danced at a wedding.
Gave a speech at a graduation.
And lost my regret at a funeral.

First the wedding, which was beautiful.

Not all marriages are built on dreams.
But some have their receptions in castles anyway.

The court house isn't the most romantic place to be wed.
Though it was filled with as much love as any church.

The food was extremely well prepared.
And the open bar was a nice touch.

I wasn't the best man, but I had the most beautiful woman in the room to escort me.
And that turned out to be much more important.

My brother is all grown up now.
He comes complete with a wife, and soon to be a child.

I understand it to be impossible that Topper and Juggs will make bad parents.
Because uncle Drew and Albert will always be there when things get hard.

I like to where a suit, it reminds me of the old days.
Especially when we shop at the last second, and still all end up matching.

The drive into PA was interesting.
The drive back from PA was long over due.

When it was over I went home, to Ben's house.
It's the only place that's ever felt like home, and I no longer question whether I'm wanted.

Tara's presence is a nice addition to the house.
She truly cares about you Ben, and talks about you constantly.

Next the graduation, which was civil.

I was personally preparing for war.
However my family surprised me.

And if my relatives were able to control themselves and act appropriately.
The damn it so could I.

It was good to see my family all in one place at the same time.
Because it won't happen again until Danielle graduates.

If I knew I was going to make a speech about my baby sister.
I would have spent alittle more time writing, and alittle less time in the bar.

Though I am told it was beautiful.
All that matters is it made Ashlee happy.

Congratulations Ashlee.
You truly have the power to do whatever it is you decide.

And if this graduation proved anything.
It's that your family will always be there to support that decision.

I haven't always set the best example for you.
But you turned out pretty damn good on your own.

I'm happy you found such a great guy.
And will one day be proud to call Tim my brother-in-law.

Finally a funeral, which just was.

This funeral was for me.
Because I think I'm almost ready for a part of me to die.

I think I'm finished with regret.
Which is has pretty much always been the main difference between us.

I can finally see the flow of energy in life's design.
I now carry the answer for myself as to why we are all here.

Too many people are counting on me not to fail.
And I'll be damned if I let one more person down.

I always thought my regret would be the end of me.
Some days it still is.

I think there exists a formula in my misfortune that has been building for the past five years.
And now it is finally all coming together to become something pure.

My instincts are the one thing that have never failed me.
So then why are you in so much pain when I believe in you so much.

At my real funeral I desire everyone to where red.
Red stands for determination, appropriate indeed for my wedding venture.

Through my wedding and graduation experience.
My funeral was possible.