Blind Origin

On December 4, 1985,

I was born into this world and named,

Drew Joseph Beaumier.

Seventeen years later in March of 2002,

at my weakest moment,

I was reborn as Blindman.

Now there exist several reasons for this occurance that I give, such as:

I wear shades all the time because,

I hate it when people can see my eyes,

and the sun burns me.

My favorite hero is Daredevil.

He is blind,

and without fear.

I have incredibly poor vision,

without my glasses or contacts in,

I might as well be blind.

But the true reason for the creation of my alias brings me back to March of 2002.

Like most great heros,

my name was a curse,

given to me by my enemy.

As I laid covered in my own blood.

One phrase kept entering my head,

the vile words of someone I once trusted.

"You are blind"

So I carried my alias around for years,

using it as a reminder of the mistakes I had made,

so that they would never happen again.

I no longer need carry this burden with me.

Yes, I will forever remain the Blindman.

But instead of my name being a curse,

I shall look at it as my creed.

I will blindy do the right thing in every situation regardless of the obstacles or consequences that are attached, because that's who I am. I will continue in this fashion until one day it will undoubtedly take my life, but as long as I never stop saving and continue on my blind path, I know that I can find rest with my death. Because sometimes the right thing comes at a price, and I pay for the cause. And finally, I will pray for death long before it is delivered, for I walk the path of the blind.